Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fearless Females 24 March 2016: Shared Traits

The prompt for 24 March 2016 is to list and physical or personality traits you share with a female ancestor.

March 24 — Do you share any physical resemblance or personality trait with one of your female ancestors? Who? What is it?

I inherited fine hair and fine eyebrows from my paternal grandmother--this trait appears to run on her side of the family. My three aunts had fine hair and eyebrows too. 

Elizabeth Alzo


In terms of personality, I tend to take after my mother. She was a generous lady who always tried to see the good in others even if they were not always good to her. I think in many ways, however, that I am tougher than my mother because I don't let people take advantage of my good nature.  I also have inherited my mother's "worry" gene. I tend to imagine the worst and often worry about things that are beyond my control. I have been trying to do better in this area.

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