Friday, March 18, 2016

Fearless Females 18 March 2016: Shining Star

The prompt for 18 March 2016 is to write about talented female ancestors in your family tree.

March 18 — Shining star: Did you have a female ancestor who had a special talent? Artist, singer, actress, athlete, seamstress, or other? Describe.

[Note: This post originally ran during the Fearless Females series in March 2010]

I always said that my mother should have opened her own bakery. She was a great cook, but she had a real talent for making cakes, cookies, and other desserts. Her specialty: Lady Locks--dainty puffed pastry with creme filling. She made them for every wedding, baptism, graduation, and other special event in our family and they would disappear from the cookie table in a flash! Making these cookies requires patience and precision and I remember watching my mother labor for hours--working to get the dough just right before wrapping it around the special pins, and then after they came out of the oven would carefully fill each one using a pastry bag, and then delicately coat them with powdered sugar from her "magical" powdered sugar can.

Anna Alzo (right) with her cousin Mary, baking cookies for a family wedding.

They weren't just cookies--they were works of art!

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