Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2012 Goals: The Genea-Progress Report First Quarter Review

This post is long overdue.  Here we are nearly at the end of May and I'm finally getting a chance to review and update my 2012 research and writing goals.  I can barely remember the month of April.  I was busy with conferences--Family History Expos in Houston, the Ohio Genealogical Society in Cleveland, and a Slavic Roots seminar in Philadelphia. So, now that I am finally playing "catch up" here is my "report card."

Writing: I've been working on a draft of a new nonfiction book, but the progress has been slow.  However, I had a bit of a breakthrough about a week or so ago and am hopefully back on track for getting the draft complete--new timetable:  working draft by August. I've been doing some other writing as well but more about that at a later date.

Research:  I have not had time to work on any of my research projects. Planning to revisit these in June.

Organizing:  I've been purging paper files and have attempted to go the paperless route.  I've been using Evernote on a regular basis to store notes, web pages, etc.  I'm also trying to convert to digital versions for several magazine subscriptions which helps cut down on the paper clutter.  For example, I now have back issues of Family Tree Magazine 2000 - 2009 on DVD and have donated all of my old print copies to a local organization who has a sale to support the library in my area.  

For the first quarter, I give myself a B-.  I know I can do a better job--my problem is too many priorities and not enough hours in a day.

I will do another review at the six-month point and will be checking in with my genea-goal-buddy, Donna Pointkouski, author of the What's Past is Prologue Blog.

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