Monday, March 01, 2010

Fearless Females Blog Post: March 1 - Favorite Female Ancestor

March 1 — Do you have a favorite female ancestor? One you are drawn to or want to learn more about? Write down some key facts you have already learned or what you would like to learn and outline your goals and potential sources you plan to check.

I’d like to learn more about my great-grandmother, Maria Verbovsky Straka. I have a photograph of her (above). I have already located her baptismal and marriage records in microfilm for Milpos, Slovakia (then Hungary), and have found her family in the 1869 Hungarian Census for Milpos. I don’t have a date of death for her, so I would like to find that out. A future trip to Slovakia, including a visit to the village and also the Presov archives hopefully can lead me to this information and perhaps other details, as well as her place of burial. 

Copyright 2010 Lisa A. Alzo


WendyGK said...

I love these prompts and have posted my first one on my blog. I'm afraid I've closed down twitter and facebook so I could get a real life and get some writing done. Here's the link
Thanks for the motivation. I have found a lot of that as I read through your blog posts.

Jo said...

Liza, I also think your prompts are very innovative and I will be participating but how do I post a notice on facebook? Just on my homepage? with a link to the blog? How can I see others who will post? Thanks for your comments on this

MiPolonia said...

Beautiful photo - and frame. Hope you get to travel to the home village sooner rather than late!

Cindy said...

Just stopped over to say thanks for the blog prompts for this month. It's a fantastic idea and it looks like there are MANY participating - it's going to be a lot of fun. Thanks again! -cindy