Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carnival of Genealogy: Summer Vacation: Canada 1970?

One of my favorite summer vacation memories is my first trip to Niagara Falls and Toronto, Canada. Although I can't remember the exact year, I believe it was 1970. We traveled there with my "Auntie"--Sister M. Camilla Alzo who came home to Pittsburgh for a vacation from Victoria, TX where she was a teacher. My father drove us to Canada to visit his cousin, Mike Alzo who lived in Toronto. We stopped at the Falls on the way--here's a picture of me with my "Auntie." Who could have known that many, many years later I would return to Niagara Falls to get married!

We visited many places in Canada included a park with beautiful gardens. Here I am with my mom and my favorite childhood toy, my bunny!

Poor Bunny met his demise not long after that--I became ill and unfortunately (an unintentionally) shared the virus with Bunny! Mom tried her best to save him, but putting him in the washer did him in! I cried and cried when we had to "let Bunny go to heaven."

One of the things I remember about this trip to Canada was watching Canadian television at my cousin's house and hearing Fred Flintstone talk in French! I asked my mother "Why is Fred talking like that?" because I couldn't understand him. But when I was a child that show was funny to me no matter the language (actually I still think it's pretty funny...)

Thanks for this Blog carnival prompt. It was fun reminiscing--I just wish my parents had put dates on the backs of their photographs!

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Bill West said...

When we visited my relatives up on northwestern Maine, we used to see the French Canadian dubbed versions of the American shows, like "The Wild, Wild West". I hadn't thought about that for years.

Thanks for sharing your memories!